Halloween! What sights and sounds fill your mind when you hear that word? The October holiday, long a children’s favorite, is Chuck Goves’ too!

So, in the autumn of 1999 when president and owner Chuck Gove was looking for an adult venue to celebrate his favorite holiday he scoured the Plain Dealer’s Friday Magazine and realized that only commercial haunted houses were available. Many geared for teenagers and young adults. Cleveland was in need of a tour company to take you to an actual haunted location, to hear its history and its stories, ghost stories of course! So out of his personal love and vision Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours was born.

Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours hires the very best guides in the field, whose knowledge and sense of fun give guests the feeling that they are part of the family. Our top priority is to have every guest leave the evening feeling in the know, as well as entertained. Many of the guests return year after year bringing friends and family members, new to the tours, making word of mouth the number one reason Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™ continues to grow each year.

Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours has grown considerably since it’s first tour over fourteen years ago, today offering a variety of tours: Ghost Tours, Murder Tours, Cemetery Tours …and their upcoming one-of-a-kind Christmas tour: Haunted Cleveland, In Search of the Christmas Spirit. This unique tour follows the indomitable spirit of the Dickens Christmas Carol, searching Cleveland for the ghosts of Cleveland’s past, present and future. A great family event to build memories, impart knowledge and truly celebrate the spirit of Christmas in Cleveland!

On a Personal Note:

Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™ owner and President Chuck Gove say: “I am blessed with the greatest staff. They are untiring, knowledgeable, and eager to have and provide fun for all our guests. The long hours developing and managing tours make us a one of a kind experience and bring our customers back again and again with friends and family. No matter how long we work into the night we always have a great time together.

"Guests tour the infamous Franklin Castle"

“Guests tour the infamous Franklin Castle”

Unexplained Experiences:

The night the staff of Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours and the current owner and developer of Franklin Castle spent the night inside the castle is one of the most memorable business moments for owner/president Chuck Gove. It was the first night that the owner stayed the entire night inside his castle and honored Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours by inviting them to stay overnight too. Maybe he was less scared with a little company.

It was a little scary knowing that Franklin Castle is the most haunted place in the state of Ohio and all were a little concerned. After a few hours in the castle we managed to overcome our fear and actually catch some zzzz’s.

Radio station Q104 scheduled their morning show live from the castle the following day and Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours was to be part of the show. At approximately 4:15AM Chuck was awakened by the voices of a man and a woman talking in the hallway. Thinking he had overslept and the radio show had begun he jumped up and ran into the hallway to greet the radio personalities of the Wilde and Fee Show. When he arrived in the hallway the voices were gone. Chuck swallowed hard realizing there was nobody else in the castle, at least no living body.

Thinking that he had dreamed the voices Chuck returned to the living room where the owner asked him: “Who is the woman you were you talking to in the hallway?”. He felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end realizing that they both had heard the same voices. Franklin Castle is truly a Haunted Castle.

There are many unexplained events that occur on the ghost tours and many guests have captured what they believe to be a ghost on film. On every tour someone seems to yell out: “I have a ghost in this picture!” and sometimes a guest will not return because they felt or saw something logic could not explain. Chuck cautions his guests to be careful when they wish to see a ghost, because it seems theses tours provide entertainment for the registered guests and those ghost spirits who just come along for the ride!