BLOWN AWAY !! Cleveland Rocked, Mob Haunts & More Tour


Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™ now in its 16th season, proudly presents the Blown Away Cleveland Rocked, Mob Haunts & More Tour, featuring the past stories of organized crime and the wise guys of Cleveland. Learn the reason why Cleveland was known as the bomb capital of America.

dannygreeneJoin us aboard a comfortable coach bus, for an entertaining 3½ hour tour. We will take you back in time when Cleveland was captured in the grip of fear as mobsters ran wild in our city streets. Tour some of the most horrific mafia crime scenes, two Cleveland cemeteries, a famous haunted castle, along with several other eerie haunted locations.

Beth, our hostess, will take you to a crime scene where true evil took place on our beloved city streets; local mafia were fighting to gain control of the crime underground empire, and their weapon of choice seemed to be C-4.


Visit a dispute that had a very explosive conclusion. Hear first hand reports from the homicide detectives as they arrived at one of the bloodiest murder scenes. Listen to the details of why it took over 75 body bags to recover this unfortunate victim. View one of our city’s oldest cemeteries and hear the chilling story of a ghost hitchhiker that is searching for a ride back to his home on Franklin Avenue. Explore hidden secrete catacombs below Public Square and learn of ghost sightings and mysterious unexplained happenings.

This eerie event includes a lesson on ghost hunting. You will be able to try first hand an ancient way to search for ghosts. If you dare you may use your owns skills and talents to look for super natural energy. Hear the true stories of why some of our guests are afraid of what they found and even why some of them refuse to come back.
We will visit the Cleveland Police Museum and meet one of Cleveland’s leading experts in Cleveland’s Organized crime. Hear the true stories of the mobsters who were behind the brutal bombings that occurred here on a regular basis. You will also have an opportunity to visit their gift store for books, shirts and other merchandise that are available for purchase.

Join the fun! Face your fear, daring the dead to make an appearance, but be careful what you wish for!

At this time this tour is only available for private bookings with a minimum of 50 guests.  Please use our contact form if you are interested in booking.