Burning River Ghost Tour


Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™ proudly presents the Burning River Ghost Tour. This tour features historic facts and scary ghost stories about some of the most actively haunted locations in Cleveland!

BurningRiver2Board a coach tour bus and for the next four hours you will be guided to Cleveland’s dark, eerie haunted spots. The most haunted spots known to both the living and dead. Scary ghost stories told by our beloved host “Beth” will chill and charm you. Beth will accompany you to actual sites of haunting and mayhem.

Aboard the U.S.S. Cod, moored in the chilly waters of Lake Erie, you will tour a historic landmark and hear the catastrophic story of a crew mate who gave his life to protect the submarine during World War II. Is he still on watch patrolling the submarine he dearly loves? See for yourself.

Learn how the Cuyahoga River caught on fire on more than one occasion and visit a famous island whose inhabitants became victims never making it off alive. Tour Whiskey Island and visit the remains of an abandon Coast Guard Station and observe one of the best views of downtown Cleveland skyline. After instruction in using dousing rods time is allotted for you to do just that looking for signs of supernatural energy at a famous cemetery. Be sure to bring your camera or video recorder so you don’t miss the photo opportunities.

Coast_guard_station2Just added to this already fun tour is a stop at the Great Lakes Brewing Company home of another kind of Burning River, one of Cleveland’s favorite brews. There will be an opportunity to tour the brewery seeking spirits before heading off to the final stop.

The tour’s signature stop is Franklin Castle where you will learn for yourself why it is considered one of the most haunted places in all of Ohio. Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear the haunted past of this castle. Won’t you join us for a unique and fun evening? Come step aboard.


Join the fun! Face your fear, daring the dead to make an appearance, but be careful what you wish for!

At this time this tour is only available for private bookings with a minimum of 50 guests.  Please use our contact form if you are interested in booking.