Mystery, Murder & Mayhem Tour


Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™ proudly presents the Mystery, Mayhem and Murder Tour, featuring some of the darkest facts of Cleveland’s history. We invite you to find your courage, board our tour bus and visit the darker side of Cleveland!

Aboard a comfortable coach, relax if you can, for the next four hours, as you are guided to Cleveland’s dark, eerie, haunted spots. Tour some of the most haunted locations known to both the living and dead.

This year’s tour features some of Cleveland’s worst calamities. Beth, our hostess, will accompany the tour and enliven sites of actual haunting and mayhem.


Visit one of our city’s oldest cemeteries and listen to the tragic story of one of its permanent residents. Learn of the catastrophic story of the Collinwood School fire, one of the worst disasters in Cleveland history. On this tour you will hear stories of ghost sightings and unexplained events. Visit the neighborhood where homes and businesses were engulfed by a tidal wave of fire that spread more than one square mile. This eerie event includes stories of the ‘Kingsbury Run Murders’, where 13 headless bodies, most who remained unidentified, terrified a city and shocked a nation. Can you imagine this gruesome discovery two young men found on a warm afternoon in September of 1935 or the howling dog that awoke an entire neighborhood, and brought about the chilling discovery of a basket full of body parts?


We will visit the Cleveland Police Museum and meet one of Cleveland’s leading experts in ‘The Torso Murders‘, Dr. James Badal. The author of several books including “In the Wake of the Butcher”, and his latest book ‘Though Murder Has No Tongue, the Lost Victim of Cleveland’s Mad Butcher’, Dr. Badal will be happy to autograph any of his books for you, all of which will be able for purchase.

Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. The ghost tour goes on rain or shine and on nights of the full moon. Bring camera or video equipment and try capturing a ghost on film. Garlic is optional but bring some just in case. Complimentary soft drinks, bottled water and snacks are provided by Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™.

To purchase your seats proceed to our schedule page, then select the date under the desired tour, next select how many seats that you require. Please remember to click the update button if you are purchasing more than one seat. Have your credit card information ready. Once you have completed your transaction you will receive a receipt from Pay Pal. Your name along with the amount of seats your purchased will be placed on our tour manifest. As a reminder we will send you a confirmation letter along with the tour information usually one week before the tour. On the day of the tour you and your guests only have to check in with us prior to the bus departure. Please plan on arriving early for the tour because the bus will depart promptly at the scheduled time.

Join the fun! Face your fear, daring the dead to make an appearance, but be careful what you wish for!

At this time this tour is only available for private bookings with a minimum of 50 guests.  Please use our contact form if you are interested in booking.