Ohio City & Beyond Tour


Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™ presents the “Ohio City and Beyond Ghost Tour”

franklincastleThe company that brought you the Torso Murder and Gold Coast Ghost Tours now invites you to the most haunted places in Cleveland! Are you brave enough to face fear, listen to some of the scariest ghost stories in town? This tour is what nightmares are made of! Here there is no shame in admitting I’m scared!

This spooky four hour entertainment event includes a guided bus tour navigating its way through Cleveland’s darkest streets. Visit places where the dead refuse to rest. We will walk through a cemetery where the spirits are known to haunt their own grave sites. Visit a popular restaurant in Ohio City and learn why their business is visited by patrons that are living as well as dead. Haunted Cleveland’s host will give instructions to all of our guests on how to become a ghost hunter. Test your own skills in locating ghosts with dousing rods.

During this event Haunted Cleveland makes its signature stop at Franklin Castle to learn, first hand, why this is one of the most haunted buildings in the country. Hear the stories that made this old castle a local legend. Arguably the most haunted castle in all of Ohio! Haunted Cleveland then heads to some of the city’s most haunted buildings and cemeteries and even visit an old stage coach stop to find out if the old cowboys still stop by.

calvarycemeteryHaunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™ host will entertain you as we travel throughout this haunted adventure. Our story tellers are the best in the business. Find out for yourself why some of our guests never return and others can’t wait to come back with friends in tow. We accept no responsibility for nightmares occurring after our events.

Join the fun! Face your fear, daring the dead to make an appearance, but be careful what you wish for!

At this time this tour is only available for private bookings with a minimum of 50 guests.  Please use our contact form if you are interested in booking.