Torso Murder Tour


Eliot Ness Haunted ClevelandHaunted Cleveland Ghost Tours, the company that brought you the Lakefront Ghost Tour & Salute To Cleveland’s Ghost Tour now takes you back to the 1930’s to the Great Depression. Revisit the most massive homicide investigation in this city’s history. Learn why the famous Eliot Ness of “Untouchables” fame could not solve these grisly murders.

This two-hour event includes a guided bus tour of the landmark sites of the Kingsbury Run murders, where 13 headless, mostly unidentified bodies terrified a city and shocked a nation. Learn about the gruesome discovery two young men found on a warm afternoon in September of 1935. Listen to the story of the howling dog that awoke an entire neighborhood, and their chilling discovery of a basket full of body parts.

During this event, Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours™ will retrace the steps of maybe the first serial killer in the U.S.A. Use your own detective skills while we investigate these unsolved murders. Did Eliot Ness know the true identity of the killer?


Our host will give details of the 13 murders while our guided bus tour takes us down Broadway Avenue, retracing the steps of the killer better known as the Mad Butcher. Then we move on to a private tour, at the Cleveland Police Museum. There we will be met by one of Cleveland’s leading experts in the Torso Murders, Dr. James Badal. Dr. Badal is the author of several books including “In the Wake of the Butcher.” There will be a book signing available for those who may wish to purchase one of his books. Use your own detective skills and try to solve the murders as you investigate and inspect the death masks that were made to help identify the unknown victims!

For more reading on the Torso Murder Tours, check out the Cleveland Plain Dealer article: “Cleveland’s Torso Murders continue to fascinate 75 years after first killing”